One Hectic Day (February 10, 2014)

As a graduating student, I am currently experiencing a lot especially in school activities. As our promenade is coming, we have to practice our dance. And gee, it was damn tiring.

As a leader, I am always trying to compose myself. I was trying not to show my annoyance, but I absolutely failed. Because of my dumb-ass classmates I practically showed my annoyance to everyone. It was so irritating to hear their whines. 

Today, it was so hectic. I know that it will be more hectic as the awaited day is coming nearer.

Things Worth Teasuring For

Now, as my high school year is coming to an end, and later on I will be welcome to a new world I have come to realize so many things I never noticed before.

Being in senior year is such a head ache. You have to do this, and that none stop. Sometimes i have come to a point where i want to give up, but i didn’t, i never did and will never do. Because i know for myself that i am never alone, i have come to this point in my life because i am strong.

As the days passed, I’ve become a lady my parents want me to be. And with this year,I experience a lot. And for every first time, it was worth remembering for a lifetime. I learn who are my real friends and who to trust. I learn when to give up and just move on. I learn how to love. I learn how to forgive. I learn how to stand with my own feet. I learn how to live my life to the fullest.I learn how to be thankful. and lastly I learn that my family will always be here for me.

Everything that I learned is worth treasuring for. Not all learning are from happy experience, but with those learning it molded me into a better person. So as i come to close a chapter of my life, I know that I am ready to start a new one. With here in my heart, I will always treasure the things I learn in life.